Kelowna BMX Apr21


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Kelowna BMX

IMG_8964It was a good feeling to be at the local BMX track for the first time this year.  The friends and familiar faces were just what the doctor ordered.  As you already know I am a fan of the 1/2 trackers.  These little guys and gals put everything they have into every moto.  True, the big helmets and little bodies always give me a little grin.  But just when you think you have seen it all, there is something that makes you sit back and think.  Not mentioning names, but there was one child that no matter how many times they could not make it up the next jump, or how many times they struggled to make the front wheel face forward after picking the bike up – never lost the huge smile on their face.  After every little crash they would yell, “I am alright” and get up and shake the dust off.  Even when getting run over after an accident, they said “I’m sorry”.  This kid has great spirit and determination.  Keep it up – you are a shining example for us all!

Ok enough rambling, here are the photos.