Kelowna BMX Jun01


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Kelowna BMX

6L4Y5546Before you start looking at the photos from last week.  I think I need to review my thoughts on crashes.  I dislike after the fact crash photos.  I also feel that posting them maybe sets the wrong message to parents and might scare away some potential new racers.  So you will never see those posted here.  Now if a entire crash is caught in sequence – maybe it is silly, but I don’t have an issue posting those.   Racers are racers and any sport with maybe the exception of lawn bowling (ok ok I can hear the green lawn fans shouting “our sport has action too!”) will have accidents.  It’s what separates those brave racers from those of us in the stands.  That being said let me know your thoughts either in person at the track or send me a quick email.

Also I was asked if the photos can be downloaded and printed.  Also how much do I charge.  The answer is YES, you may download and print any photo off this site, provided you keep the sponsors logo and photographers name in any prints or posts. How much does it cost?  It’s FREE. The sponsor is providing the photos to you.  So if you get the chance – call them up or stop by and tell them you appreciate it.

After all that rambling, here are the photos: